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Wilson F-2005 Football Helmet 1969 San Diego Chargers Lance Alworth

Wilson F-2005 Football Helmet 1969 San Diego Chargers Lance Alworth

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Wilson F-2005, size 7 1/8, Football Helmet with decals of the 1969 San Diego Chargers and customized to represent the helmet worn that year by All-Time great and Hall of Famer, Lance Alworth.

The Wilson F-2005 is a very rare helmet in its own right, wing a helmet used by college and professional teams, and this one is outfitted with the upgrade of the leather rear neck pad and concussion padding between the suspension and the helmet shell.

Nicknamed “Bambi” for his slight build and silky smooth movements, Alworth became one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history.

We have also used the correct style and font numbers used by the team in 1969 to compliment the iconic “bolt” decals worn by the Chargers during the decade of the 1960s, and have included Mr. Alworth’s name written on authentic athletic tape inside the helmet as equipment managers might have done for identification purposes.

Helmet has all that you see including single-bar facemask appropriately positioned as shown in photos for Alworth during his career.

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT CLAIMING THIS HELMET WAS ISSUED OR USED BY MR. ALWORTH OR THE CHARGERS. Please see photos for condition of helmet. Will make a stunning display, and looks like it just came off the field!

All of our helmets are for display purposes only! They are not to be used or worn for competitive play. Westbrook Sportscards has been in business since 1988.

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