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Vintage Riddell 1972 Kra-Lite II TAK-29 Football Helmet Miami Dolphins Griese

Vintage Riddell 1972 Kra-Lite II TAK-29 Football Helmet Miami Dolphins Griese

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Rare Riddell Kra-Lite II TAK-29 helmet from 1972 as shown by the date stamp above the earhole! Helmet is not painted, but is impregnated white as the Dolphins used during that magical World Championship season.

This rare specimen includes all you see, with appropriate striping, and decals appropriately placed and spaced, as worn by the Miami Dolphins during their perfect season! In 1972 the Dolphins forged a record of 17-0, the only perfect season in modern NFL History. They then capped off that season with their Super Bowl Championship over the Washington Redskins.

Many Dolphins players wore this model of RIDDell Helmet that year including Bob Griese. Riddell TAK-29 helmets are a rare collectible in their own right, as they were only manufactured for a few years. The TAK-29 was created with the first of Riddell’s liquid-cell padding to help prevent concussions as the back of player’s heads would hit the turf. This was the first version of this new technology as Riddell moved from an all suspension padding to an all cushion padding in their helmets.

This helmet also includes the most recognized football helmet facemask in history, a vintage authentic RIDDell BD-9 facemask.

Please note: We are not claiming this helmet was issued or worn by the Dolphins, but it is a very rare helmet and will make that perfect helmet for a Dolphins project. Will make a stunning display, and looks like it just came off the field!

All of our helmets are for display purposes only! They are not to be used or worn for competitive play. Westbrook Sportscards has been in business since 1988.

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