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RK2 Style Football Helmet 1963 Texas Longhorns National Champions Tommy Nobis

RK2 Style Football Helmet 1963 Texas Longhorns National Champions Tommy Nobis

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Custom one of a kind RK2 Style helmet, with iconic burnt orange decals of the 1963 National Champion Texas Longhorns.

Helmet comes with Schutt style NOP facemask, just as worn by Longhorns all time great and fan favorite, Tommy Nobis as he wore during that memorable season in which he was selected as All-American.

Helmet comes with Longhorns steer head decals placed approximately low and just above the ear hole with appropriate #60 just above. Please note: we are not claiming this helmet was issued or worn by the Longhorns or Mr. Nobis.

The classic shape of the RK's slightly flared shell and handsome metal rivets are complemented by the attachment of a two bar facemask. These helmets are recently manufactured helmets!

The adult size 7 3/8 suspension webbing is identical to the original right down to the same brown thread that was used to stitch it together. This item also has real leather jaw pads, and gray toned chin strap. Helmet is also painted gray inside just as the vintage originals from the 1960's. This helmet displays beautifully and will make a wonderful gift!

PLEASE NOTE- ITEM PICTURED IS ITEM YOU WILL RECEIVE. WE ONLY HAVE ONE OF THESE IN STOCK!  All of our helmets are for display purposes only! They are not to be used or worn for competitive play. Westbrook Sportscards has been in business since 1988.

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