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RK2 Husky Vintage Style Suspension Football Helmet Dallas Cowboys Bob Lilly

RK2 Husky Vintage Style Suspension Football Helmet Dallas Cowboys Bob Lilly

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Please read entire description for information about this rare amazing helmet.

Beautiful, recently manufactured RK2 “Husky” style helmet, made by the best in the business, HelmetHut! This helmet is part of their recently released “Husky” series, which will be limited in numbers produced. These are full sized proline quality reproductions of the originals manufactured by Riddell back in the 1960s.

Helmet is a true one of a kind, with painted stripes just as RIDDell did with these Husky helmets during the 1960s, and has been customized by adding iconic authentic thin mil Cowboys star decals from the late 1960s which we recently purchased from a collector. This is not one of the new thicker decals you will find on most helmets made today.

This is one of their “single rivet” versions, just like All-Time Great Cowboys and Hall of Famer, Mr. Cowboy, Bob Lilly wore at one point as shown in photos. See photos for reference only. Photos are not included with purchase.

Helmet also includes 1968 Schutt style NJOP “Square jaw” facemask and has authentic and vintage Dymo tape in appropriate blue color with Lilly’s name appropriately placed on rear center stripe as Cowboys used.

This helmet is manufactured in the same way RIDDell made the RK2s in the mid to late 1960s by joining two halves together. The larger sizes of the RK2 helmet were size 7 1/2 through 8, and required a wider center ridge and larger suspension than the regular RK2 sizes which had a 1-inch wide ridge and a smaller 12-point suspension. The size of this item is even accurate at 7 5/8 as worn by Bell.

These “special” sized helmets, as RIDDell called them in their sales materials and catalog, required a 1 1/2 inch wide center ridge to accommodate the larger sizes of the 12-point suspension. Hence this version being identified as the “single rivet” Husky. The term “Husky” was coined for these larger helmets by one of the founders of HelmetHut, the late Jim Parker.

When you hold this helmet you will immediately notice that it is much larger and heavier than the regular RK2 helmets you are used to handling. It is a beast!

The classic shape of the RK's slightly flared shell and handsome metal rivets are complemented by the attachment of a full cage Schutt style lineman’s NJOP facemask. The suspension webbing is identical to the original right down to the same brown thread that was used to stitch it together. This amazing specimen also has real leather jaw pads, and gray 2-toned chin strap and is also painted gray inside just as the vintage originals from the 1960's. This helmet displays beautifully and will make a wonderful gift!

PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT CLAIMING THIS HELMET WAS ISSUED OR USED BY Mr. Lilly or the Cowboys. Will make a stunning display, and looks like it just came off the field!

PLEASE NOTE- ITEM PICTURED IS ITEM YOU WILL RECEIVE. WE ONLY HAVE ONE OF THESE IN STOCK! All of our helmets are for display purposes only! They are not to be used or worn for competitive play. Westbrook Sportscards has been in business since 1988.

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