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Riddell Kra-Lite TK2 Suspension Football Helmet 1970 New York Giants Bob Tucker

Riddell Kra-Lite TK2 Suspension Football Helmet 1970 New York Giants Bob Tucker

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Rare New York Giants Riddell Kra-Lite TK2 helmet from 1970 as evidenced by the date stamp inside above the ear hole. This was a Riddell lamp as described below, so helmet is original and vintage and includes leather jaw pads and original vintage decals which show beautiful patina to validate their age.

This is the exact helmet aand facemask as worn by many Giants greats in 1970 such as Fran Tarkenton, Bob Tucker, Tucker Frederickson, and many more!

Helmet also has the most popular football helmet facemask on the planet- a vintage Riddell BD-9 two bar facemask and it is from the era as well with a date stamp from April 1971.

These helmets from authentic RIDDell lamps are as close to a game used helmet as you will find, and at a fraction of the price! Will make a stunning display, and looks like it just came off the field!

Many of our helmets are vintage from the 1960's and 1970's. We offer many helmets manufactured by Riddell which were destined to be actual game used NFL helmets but before they could be shipped out to the teams, these helmets were used to make very collectible lamps for retail sale. These helmets had the suspension removed and were then attached to a wooden base with additional lamp parts attached. We have removed these helmets from the lamp and installed a new suspension and padding into them and the result is a stunning and amazing vintage helmet for with vintage authentic team decals and Riddell 2-bar BD-9 facemasks. All of our helmets are for display purposes only! They are not to be used or worn for competitive play. Westbrook Sportscards has been in business since 1988.

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