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Original Riddell 1971 Washington Redskins Kra-Lite TK2 Game Football Helmet

Original Riddell 1971 Washington Redskins Kra-Lite TK2 Game Football Helmet

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Vintage and original Washington Redskins Riddell Kra-Lite TK2 helmet from 1971 as shown by the “Riddell” and “Kra-Lite” stamped into the rear of the helmet and the ring date stamp above the earhole. This is a legitimate NFL game helmet, although not used in a game. Please read further.

The decals and striping are vintage and original team issued and applied by Riddell when the helmet was manufactured, and the paint is also vintage and original from the date of manufacture. Please see photos for nice condition for this nearly 50 year old helmet.

This helmet was removed from a RIDDell helmet lamp to make available for display. Riddell helmet lamps were manufactured between 1969 and 1973, and used actual game helmets which were manufactured by Riddell for the NFL teams. These lamps were available by mail order through The Sears Wishbook.

We have been asked about the hole in the top of the helmet having been drilled for the lamp pole. That is not correct. All Riddell TK2 helmets are manufactured with the center hole at the top.

RIDDell helmet lamps were not manufactured until ordered. When ordered, RIDDell simply removed the suspension padding from the helmet and replaced the rivets before assembling the helmet into a lamp to ship out.

We also have many of these helmets which have had a suspension installed as well. Also, please note we can add numbers and change out facemasks if you desire. Please request pricing for this service.

Will make a stunning display, and the helmet looks like it is ready to take the field!

All of our helmets are for display purposes only! They are not to be used or worn for competitive play.

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