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Los Angeles Rams Throwback RK4 Football Helmet 1950s Painted Horns Cowcatcher

Los Angeles Rams Throwback RK4 Football Helmet 1950s Painted Horns Cowcatcher

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Exceptionally rare and literally one of a kind Throwback Football Helmet, recently manufactured, and representative of, the Riddell RK4 helmets Of the Rams during the late 1950s-1962.

Helmet comes complete as you see, with leather jaw pads, old school 6-strap suspension and older style full leather chin strap. This amazing specimen has also been customized to represent the helmet worn by many all-time Rams favorites with the Rams by adding the brown full cage lineman NJOP cowcatcher Facemask as shown! See photos for reference.

This Rams gold shell was carefully taped off to produce the famous “V” horns, and then the shell painted Rams blue. Notice how the horns meet over the forehead to form the iconic “V” pattern. When the tape was removed, the familiar iconic gold Rams horn logos remained- 'that's right- no plastic decals on this helmet- the horns are painted on, just as they were through 1972.

The classic shape of the flared shell of the famous RK helmets is unmistakable and is accented by proper material and stitching of the suspension, as well as the handsome rivets and old school chin strap. This helmet was custom produced specifically to represent the helmet worn by the Rams linemen, and is a true rare, one-of-a-kind item. Very tough to find helmet and is like new.

Please see pictures for details and condition. Looks like it is ready to take the field! Very rare and awesome display piece for any football fan! Don't miss this one.

Please note: we are not claiming this helmet was issued or used by the Rams or Mr. Olsen. Westbrook Sportscards has been in business since 1988. Our helmets are for display purposes only and are not intended for competitive use or play.

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