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Riddell Super Bowl Pocket Pro Series 1 Set- 16 helmets- OUT

Get the first of three series of Riddell's most recent celebration of the winners of the first 44 Super Bowls, beginning with Lombardi's Packers and going through Drew Brees' Saints, each helmet has the winning team's logo on one side and the official Logo for that Super Bowl with the participating teams names and scores on the opposite side. This set provides a great reference for NFL history, as well as a great trip down "Memory Lane". This complete set of Series 1 includes all of these 16 helmets as pictured in the "bubble display, as shown. You can even track the evolution of the helmets used in the NFL as you begin with the old 2-bar masks as used in the 1960's and progress through the 1970's-1990's with the traditional style masks. A great set for that special football fan!